Labia Whitening: How To Lighten Your Lips At Home

Labia Whitening: How To Lighten Your Lips At Home

I don’t know why some people get so weird about women whitening our labia – you either want to do it or you don’t. For those that don’t want to I’m not going to try and make them 🙂

Meanwhile, for those of us who are not so happy about the color of our most intimate areas, just let us get on with it. Right?

It doesn’t have to be about anybody but us. You do what you want with your own body to feel good about yourself. It’s not up to anyone else, it’s not necessarily even for anyone else but ourselves.

Bleaching Your Labia At Home

The first thing to be very aware of is that there are intimate area whitening products specially designed for this purpose — and there are lightening products that are not!

My suggestion? Use the ones that are designed specially for your tender areas 🙂

They may be a little more expensive (some aren’t). But is it worth the risk of inflamed sore delicate parts, rashes or even skin burns?!

And a little cream goes a long way when you are only applying it to your labia anyway, so that small tube will last you a long time.

NOTE: This cream is my current favorite for intimate use.

So home ‘bleaching’ products typically come in the form of creams that you apply specifically to the area you want to lighten. Typically every day, according to the instructions. Oh, and they don’t contain bleach, most of the better ones use purely natural ingredients these days anyway (avoid products with hydroquinone). They work by slowing down the production of skin pigment, which makes your skin naturally start to lighten.

IMPORTANT: They do not work overnight! Please do be realistic about how long it takes to whiten labia skin. You need to allow at least a few weeks, and should be prepared for a month or two – particularly if your skin is much darker than your regular body color.

Warning: Inner vs Outer Labia

We all have two ‘sets of lips’, the inner and the outer. Their proper names are the minora and majora (with the vulva being the whole area including both sets of lips).

It’s generally considered OK to be whitening the labia majora – or your OUTER (or external) lips. It is NOT recommended to attempt to whiten the labia minora. This is considered ‘internal’, and no products on the market will recommend this particular use.

Remember, this is a sensitive area of the body anyway. Your inner labia are far more sensitive, and are best avoided completely for this kind of treatment. So please be careful.

How Long Will It Last?

Skin constantly regnerates itself, so this kind of whitening treatment will never be permanent.

That simply means you will need to keep ‘topping up’ the treatment once you have reached the tone of color that you are happy with. If you stop completely then your labia skin will gradually return back to it’s original color again.

Is It Safe?

There are some minor risks of irritation or adverse reaction when using any kind of skin care products. So just be sensible, and go slowly.

I’d suggest you start off with a test on a non-sensitive area of your body first, such as your leg or arm. And only apply a tiny amount. If you get an adverse reaction then stop.

If there is no reaction then move on and test a tiny amount on a small area of your labia. Again, wait and see if there is any bad reaction before you move on and treat the whole area.

If you also make sure you use natural labia whitening products, then you are also less likely to get any problems.

Any questions though – just let us know.