Is Anal Bleaching Safe?

Is Anal Bleaching Safe?

It’s pretty rare for anything to be 100% safe, but you can be a whole lot safer if you’re well informed and take some sensible steps. Always remember that the anal area is pretty sensitive so gently and carefully is the way to approach bleaching!

What’s Anus Bleaching Anyway?

First, let’s be clear on what we’re talking about. Anal bleaching treatments (or products) do NOT use regular household ‘bleach’. The name comes from the action of ‘lightening something using a chemical process’. So never be tempted to just use any household products that have not been designed for the purpose – chances are they will burn your skin, or worse.

So anus bleaching is simply the process of whitening the skin outside the anus to make it lighter and a closer (or exact) match to your general skin color. Some people just naturally have darker skin up their back passage – and it can vary a lot from a bit redder to being very brown. But note that we’re only talking about the area that’s visible (on those special occasions…) from the outside – no creams or products should ever be used internally!

So Is Anal Bleaching Safe?

Doctors would generally advise you not to do it. Simply because in their view it’s purely for non-essential cosmetic reasons, so why take any risk. However doctors also acknowledge that e.g. scars or birthmarks on the face, cause significant stress to people and happily support treatment for those things. The difference of course is that one is visible to everyone, the other only to the few that you choose to let see. Does that make it any less important? It doesn’t in my opinion, so each to their own. There is some risk to pretty much everything, from piercings to tattoos or just crossing a road! That said, your GP will be more than happy to discuss the subject with you, and give you their professional view of the risks – and I’d absolutely support doing that.

You can of course mitigate a lot of the risk by just being sensible. Either go to a spa/salon and get a professional to do the treatment for you (I know, somewhat embarassing). Then follow their after-care advice to the letter. But ideally, get a recommendation from someone you know rather than pick somewhere at random. You don’t really want to be treated by someone who has no experience and ends up reading the bottle on what to do while you wave your butt in the air.

Or if you want to do this yourself at home, make sure you use intimate whitening creams that have been designed especially for this use. A general whitening cream could well be too strong for this more delicate area. Then I’d suggest doing a patch test first to make sure you’re not sensitive to any of the ingredients before you go all-in.

Does Anus Bleaching Work?

It absolutely does work. Just bear in mind that it will take some time. Even if you use a salon they will give you a cream to take away with you to continue using at home. So give it some time, and the skin will gradually lighten.

Does Anus Bleaching Hurt?

No, it shouldn’t. You might get some mild tingling on treatment or on applying creams. But it should not cause any pain. If you get that kind of reaction then stop treatment immediately and talk to your doctor. This is why I suggest testing any product on a tiny area of your skin first to see if you react at all negatively to it. No reaction, then you should be fine.