About Us

Welcome to SMACR – it’s lovely to see you here. Most websites forget to say that but I think it’s kind of nice to start out by saying “hey, thanks for being here, we really appreciate YOU”. Because the fact is, without you we are just another website out there in internet land. It’s you and lots of people just like you that make us get up in the morning and want to write great articles about health and beauty. It’s why we do everything we do.

So, that said, SMACR is all about beauty stuff with a sprinkling of health stuff too. We are a small team of dedicated writers and researchers who like to find out stuff, turn it into english by dropping all that sciencey complexity and turn it into something useful you can take away and use.


Good question 🙂

You start a website, you need a name. So you sit down for hours on end with a piece of paper jotting down ideas. Most of your best ideas are already taken, or just reserved by people who haven’t got around to putting up a website yet (grrrr….). You combine your ideas with the rest of the team, and they discover the same thing.

Until your 5 year old daughter walks into the room with a beaming smile saying “mommy, lip smacker”. It’s her way of asking for a cuddle and a kiss (a lip smacker – I think she got that phrase from daddy!).

Then a little light bulb goes on and you say, that’s it. But let’s uptown-funk-it-up a bit and go with SMACR!

So you can thank a 5 year old girl and a group of tired adults for our name 🙂

Enjoy the site, and thanks again for being here.

Take care,

Sonya x