Anus Bleaching: What Is It, Is It Safe & Can You Do It At Home?

Anus Bleaching: What Is It, Is It Safe & Can You Do It At Home?

Here’s a topic that makes some people smirk, and others scratch their heads in confusion. But if you want to bleach your butt, who cares what other people think!

Anal bleaching has grown enormously in popularity. You can easily find beauty salons in most decent sized towns that will provide the service for you. It is quite expensive though so a lot of people do look into the DIY approach eventually — and yes, you can do it at home.

What Does Anus Bleaching Do?

Some people just naturally have much darker skin in this intimate area. And by that, I mean skin that is much darker than the rest of their body. You can have very white skin but have an anal region that is quite dark brown.

Using a bleaching or whitening product will lighten the color of that skin, so that it matches the color of the surrounding skin. Simple.

How Much Does Anus Bleaching Cost?

If you go to a salon or spa, then expect to pay between $100-$150 to start with. This will only give you just one initial treatment in the salon though. And that’s not ‘job done’ I’m afraid!

They will then sell you some lightening cream (which costs more) to take home with you and keep applying regularly. Expect to keep using the product a couple of times a week for a couple of months to see the full results you want.

How To Do Anus Bleaching At Home

OK, so you want to just plain avoid that pretty embarassing ass in the air session at the spa?

No problem, you can do this entirely at home in privacy! And still get great results.

Please, please, however, do not just use any old thing that someone on YouTube said works! They probably didn’t even test it themselves. So avoid putting things like baking soda, lemon juice or vinegar up your back passage! It’s not worth the significant risk of burning your ass (lemon juice is almost as acidic as battery acid!).

And never, never use real household bleach – salons do NOT really use bleach, despite the name of the process.

Instead, choose a product designed especially for the purpose. Start with our shortlist of the best anus bleaching creams. It could save you a lot of heartache — and a lot of discomfort sitting down!

Just be prepared it will likely take a bit longer (depending on how dark your anus skin is) to reach the results you want than going to a salon. It’s less embarassing and a lot cheaper though. A little cream goes a long way when you’re using on such a small area of skin.

How Long Does Anus Bleaching Last?

It really varies from person to person. But it’s not permanent of course, so your anus color will eventually return.

This is not a problem. Just continue to use a lightening product once or twice a week (read the instructions – some are stronger than others!) and you will just stay peachy pink without having to worry about it.