Where To Buy Intimate Lightening Cream?

So you have some intimate areas of skin you want to lighten, but you’re not sure where to get the products to do it. No problem – I can help 🙂

Firstly, you want to be sure you are buying a product that is made for the use on those sensitive intimate areas. You can’t just use any old whitening cream and expect it to be OK for delicate use. And nobody wants skin irritation, rashes — or even burns — in places you are not going to forget about in a hurry, right?

So where should you buy then? There are two places I would recommend you use.

[1] Find a local salon or spa that offers intimate skin whitening services, and ask them if you can buy a cream to use at home. Some may say no – even though they do sell these creams anyway. Mainly because they want you to buy their more expensive treatment first. When you go for a salon treatment most places will sell you products to continue to use at home (for maintenance) anyway. So they do stock products – you just might have to ask a few before one says yes.

[2] Buy online. This is my preferred option. It saves on the embarassment of ‘that discussion’ about exactly what you want to use it for. Or worse still, the confused or freaked out look of ‘why would you want to do that…’! And there are good products available online anyway that can be shipped all over the world if need be. A lot of salons just use these products anyway, so it really is the best option in my opinion.

So in a nutshell, that’s it. Where should you buy intimate lightening creams? If you’re confident enough, then go to a salon or spa and buy the product they recommend. Or if you would prefer a bit more privacy, then just order online direct the manufacturers. Then you know you’re getting the real product, that it is fresh stock that has been stored properly – and you’ll pay a fair price for it.

An intimate lightening product is not really something to be bargain hunting on as ‘cheap’ can come back to bite you later (perhaps even quite literally in the butt!). So go for a well respected brand that specalises in making products specifically for this use. It’s just not worth the gamble to buy ‘something that might be OK’.

What Is Vaginal Bleaching? And How Do You Do It Safely?

Be careful with this phrase before you act. First of all, ‘bleaching’ simply refers to lightening the skin, not the use of household bleach! That may seem obvious to most people but it is very important to be clear.

Secondly, when we talk about vaginal bleaching, what we really mean is the area around the vagina and possibly lightening the labia too. It’s not considered safe to be trying to lighten what is considered an internal area.

Why Would You Want To Do This?

Some of us have vaginas that are a lot darker than others. Yes, it’s entirely natural – the color of skin in this intimate area can vary a lot from woman to woman. But just because it is natural does not mean we are all happy about it. Aging is natural, and most of us like delaying the wrinkles as long as possible, right?

So bleaching your vagina has become a much more commonplace thing. It’s not weird, it’s not wrong – it’s just a personal decision just like any other related to our appearance.

How Do You Bleach Your Vagina Safely?

The safest way is to simply use a product that is designed for use on delicate areas of the body. Ideally a product that is specifically designed for lightening intimate areas.

You can get natural lightening creams made for use anywhere on the body, and they will probably be fine. Our facial skin is quite delicate too, particularly near the eyes, as are armpits – another area where lightening creams are commonly used. So a product for general use may be OK to use – but it’s always best to check with the manufacturer first.

If you are in any doubt at all it’s best not to use that product on your most delicate parts. Not when there are vaginal bleaching creams available anyway.

Personally I only choose to use creams that use natural ingredients where possible. Hydroquinone is a popular (and effective) ingredient but it is really a product of 10 years ago. There are safety concerns with it’s use now. It has been banned in many countries, and there are simply better options now. So I wouldn’t use it in any product I put on my skin nowadays.

The other way to be safer when lightening or whitening your vaginal skin, is to always do a ‘patch test’ first. And I don’t just mean near your vagina. Start with a very small area in a much less delicate place, such as your arm. Just apply a tiny amount and leave it for a day, and see if you have any itchiness or redness. If there is no reaction at all you can move on to testing a very small area near your vagina. If that doesn’t cause any problems then you should be OK to continue. But use a very small amount of product to start with (you really don’t need much anyway), and wash the area with a mild soap before you start.

If you get any reaction then stop using the product. If the symptoms continue then seek medical advice. But don’t be overly concerned, reactions to properly designed products are very rare – and if you’ve already done a proper patch test there is even less chance that you’ll have any problem at all.

Anus Bleaching: What Is It, Is It Safe & Can You Do It At Home?

Here’s a topic that makes some people smirk, and others scratch their heads in confusion. But if you want to bleach your butt, who cares what other people think!

Anal bleaching has grown enormously in popularity. You can easily find beauty salons in most decent sized towns that will provide the service for you. It is quite expensive though so a lot of people do look into the DIY approach eventually — and yes, you can do it at home.

What Does Anus Bleaching Do?

Some people just naturally have much darker skin in this intimate area. And by that, I mean skin that is much darker than the rest of their body. You can have very white skin but have an anal region that is quite dark brown.

Using a bleaching or whitening product will lighten the color of that skin, so that it matches the color of the surrounding skin. Simple.

How Much Does Anus Bleaching Cost?

If you go to a salon or spa, then expect to pay between $100-$150 to start with. This will only give you just one initial treatment in the salon though. And that’s not ‘job done’ I’m afraid!

They will then sell you some lightening cream (which costs more) to take home with you and keep applying regularly. Expect to keep using the product a couple of times a week for a couple of months to see the full results you want.

How To Do Anus Bleaching At Home

OK, so you want to just plain avoid that pretty embarassing ass in the air session at the spa?

No problem, you can do this entirely at home in privacy! And still get great results.

Please, please, however, do not just use any old thing that someone on YouTube said works! They probably didn’t even test it themselves. So avoid putting things like baking soda, lemon juice or vinegar up your back passage! It’s not worth the significant risk of burning your ass (lemon juice is almost as acidic as battery acid!).

And never, never use real household bleach – salons do NOT really use bleach, despite the name of the process.

Instead, choose a product designed especially for the purpose. Start with our shortlist of the best anus bleaching creams. It could save you a lot of heartache — and a lot of discomfort sitting down!

Just be prepared it will likely take a bit longer (depending on how dark your anus skin is) to reach the results you want than going to a salon. It’s less embarassing and a lot cheaper though. A little cream goes a long way when you’re using on such a small area of skin.

How Long Does Anus Bleaching Last?

It really varies from person to person. But it’s not permanent of course, so your anus color will eventually return.

This is not a problem. Just continue to use a lightening product once or twice a week (read the instructions – some are stronger than others!) and you will just stay peachy pink without having to worry about it.

Labia Whitening: How To Lighten Your Lips At Home

I don’t know why some people get so weird about women whitening our labia – you either want to do it or you don’t. For those that don’t want to I’m not going to try and make them 🙂

Meanwhile, for those of us who are not so happy about the color of our most intimate areas, just let us get on with it. Right?

It doesn’t have to be about anybody but us. You do what you want with your own body to feel good about yourself. It’s not up to anyone else, it’s not necessarily even for anyone else but ourselves.

Bleaching Your Labia At Home

The first thing to be very aware of is that there are intimate area whitening products specially designed for this purpose — and there are lightening products that are not!

My suggestion? Use the ones that are designed specially for your tender areas 🙂

They may be a little more expensive (some aren’t). But is it worth the risk of inflamed sore delicate parts, rashes or even skin burns?!

And a little cream goes a long way when you are only applying it to your labia anyway, so that small tube will last you a long time.

NOTE: This cream is my current favorite for intimate use.

So home ‘bleaching’ products typically come in the form of creams that you apply specifically to the area you want to lighten. Typically every day, according to the instructions. Oh, and they don’t contain bleach, most of the better ones use purely natural ingredients these days anyway (avoid products with hydroquinone). They work by slowing down the production of skin pigment, which makes your skin naturally start to lighten.

IMPORTANT: They do not work overnight! Please do be realistic about how long it takes to whiten labia skin. You need to allow at least a few weeks, and should be prepared for a month or two – particularly if your skin is much darker than your regular body color.

Warning: Inner vs Outer Labia

We all have two ‘sets of lips’, the inner and the outer. Their proper names are the minora and majora (with the vulva being the whole area including both sets of lips).

It’s generally considered OK to be whitening the labia majora – or your OUTER (or external) lips. It is NOT recommended to attempt to whiten the labia minora. This is considered ‘internal’, and no products on the market will recommend this particular use.

Remember, this is a sensitive area of the body anyway. Your inner labia are far more sensitive, and are best avoided completely for this kind of treatment. So please be careful.

How Long Will It Last?

Skin constantly regnerates itself, so this kind of whitening treatment will never be permanent.

That simply means you will need to keep ‘topping up’ the treatment once you have reached the tone of color that you are happy with. If you stop completely then your labia skin will gradually return back to it’s original color again.

Is It Safe?

There are some minor risks of irritation or adverse reaction when using any kind of skin care products. So just be sensible, and go slowly.

I’d suggest you start off with a test on a non-sensitive area of your body first, such as your leg or arm. And only apply a tiny amount. If you get an adverse reaction then stop.

If there is no reaction then move on and test a tiny amount on a small area of your labia. Again, wait and see if there is any bad reaction before you move on and treat the whole area.

If you also make sure you use natural labia whitening products, then you are also less likely to get any problems.

Any questions though – just let us know.

Is Anal Bleaching Safe?

It’s pretty rare for anything to be 100% safe, but you can be a whole lot safer if you’re well informed and take some sensible steps. Always remember that the anal area is pretty sensitive so gently and carefully is the way to approach bleaching!

What’s Anus Bleaching Anyway?

First, let’s be clear on what we’re talking about. Anal bleaching treatments (or products) do NOT use regular household ‘bleach’. The name comes from the action of ‘lightening something using a chemical process’. So never be tempted to just use any household products that have not been designed for the purpose – chances are they will burn your skin, or worse.

So anus bleaching is simply the process of whitening the skin outside the anus to make it lighter and a closer (or exact) match to your general skin color. Some people just naturally have darker skin up their back passage – and it can vary a lot from a bit redder to being very brown. But note that we’re only talking about the area that’s visible (on those special occasions…) from the outside – no creams or products should ever be used internally!

So Is Anal Bleaching Safe?

Doctors would generally advise you not to do it. Simply because in their view it’s purely for non-essential cosmetic reasons, so why take any risk. However doctors also acknowledge that e.g. scars or birthmarks on the face, cause significant stress to people and happily support treatment for those things. The difference of course is that one is visible to everyone, the other only to the few that you choose to let see. Does that make it any less important? It doesn’t in my opinion, so each to their own. There is some risk to pretty much everything, from piercings to tattoos or just crossing a road! That said, your GP will be more than happy to discuss the subject with you, and give you their professional view of the risks – and I’d absolutely support doing that.

You can of course mitigate a lot of the risk by just being sensible. Either go to a spa/salon and get a professional to do the treatment for you (I know, somewhat embarassing). Then follow their after-care advice to the letter. But ideally, get a recommendation from someone you know rather than pick somewhere at random. You don’t really want to be treated by someone who has no experience and ends up reading the bottle on what to do while you wave your butt in the air.

Or if you want to do this yourself at home, make sure you use intimate whitening creams that have been designed especially for this use. A general whitening cream could well be too strong for this more delicate area. Then I’d suggest doing a patch test first to make sure you’re not sensitive to any of the ingredients before you go all-in.

Does Anus Bleaching Work?

It absolutely does work. Just bear in mind that it will take some time. Even if you use a salon they will give you a cream to take away with you to continue using at home. So give it some time, and the skin will gradually lighten.

Does Anus Bleaching Hurt?

No, it shouldn’t. You might get some mild tingling on treatment or on applying creams. But it should not cause any pain. If you get that kind of reaction then stop treatment immediately and talk to your doctor. This is why I suggest testing any product on a tiny area of your skin first to see if you react at all negatively to it. No reaction, then you should be fine.