Does Laser Hair Removal Cause Age Spots?

Does Laser Hair Removal Cause Age Spots?

Laser hair removal is a really popular aesthetic treatment because it helps us get rid of unwanted hair, in a whole variety of places where we don’t it!

Despite its popularity though, some people worry that laser hair removal may cause age spots, and avoid the treatment as a result. However, do not worry folks, because laser hair removal does NOT cause age spots.

What Are Age Spots?

Age spots get their name because they occur as people get older. They are darker in color ranging from brown to black and sometimes even gray. Age spots are sometimes called ‘liver spots’ or even if we go all technical – ‘senile lentigo’.

So What Causes Them?

Most of the time, age spots can be attributed to sun-exposure over a period of time. This would be why older people tend to have more age spots compared to younger people. UV light exposure from tanning beds can also contribute.

The most common areas for age spots to show up are the face, the hands, the shoulders, the chest, the upper back, and the arms. Simply because these are the areas that typically see the most sun exposure over a lifetime.

The best ways to prevent age spots is to limit sun exposure by avoiding the sun during peak UV light hours (10 AM to 2 PM usually). And then to wear protective sun screen when outside. But we all tend to get them eventually anyway – there are however some ways to get rid of age spots.

What Is Laser Hair Removal?

Laser hair removal is a laser treatment that helps to limit and remove unwanted hair. Using a laser, a technician zaps the treatment area, which then kills and damages hair follicles. This limits the amount of hair that grows as well as well as permanently removes some hair.

It’s most commonly used on underarms, legs, upper lip, chin and the bikini line. Men, in particular, have also been known to use laser hair removal on their chest and back.

Laser hair used to only be effective for people with lighter colored skin and darker colored hair. But laser technology has improved and it has become possible for even very dark skin people to benefit from the treatment too. Just check your beautician is experienced at treating darker skins, and has the right modern technology to do it.

No Age Spots But Are There Any Other Side Effects?

Laser hair removal only has a few minor possible side effects. Laser hair removal does not cause age spots, but it may cause one of these minor side effects:

  • Skin Discomfort: Redness & Swelling, typically temporary
  • Changes in Skin Color: darkening areas or lightening areas, typically temporary

If you do experience any of these, discuss them with your laser hair removal technician who can offer advice and treatment. Thankfully, laser hair removal is a simple procedure that rarely comes with any problems.